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The Contour Bowl


Color | Slate Blue


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The Contour Bowl



Slate Blue

  • Product Description

      A modern take on a classic shape, our Contour Bowl is a staple in anyone's cabinets. From breakfast cereals, scoops of moose tracks, to a regrettably spicy Thai dish; these bowls are always a go-to.

      Quantity: Set of 4

      Product Dimension: Width: 6.5" | Height: 2.25" | Height - 4 Stacked: 5.25"

      Material: Ceramic Stoneware

      Finish: Semi-matte

      Life Test: Dishwasher & Microwave safe

      Care: A light rinse in the sink and then straight into the dishwasher well-spaced from other items. Matte / Semi-matte ceramics are susceptible to picking up light marks from silverware. Rest assured these are not scratches and will come off with a light scrub with a soft cleanser like Bar Keepers Friend.